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WorthWorkingFor | Inspiring the Inspirers, and because work doesn't always have to suck.

WorthWorkingFor: Inspiring the Inspirers by Featuring Workspaces That Make Working Worth the Work

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What the?

I believe that in order to create the inspiring, you must first be inspired (no, this is not yet another CSS gallery for you to rip designs from, sorry). I'm talking about your work environment.

Granted, a good environment and a sweet setup might not turn you into a digital-age Leonardo da Vinci, but it sure could make your project more fun. And even if you're a mere mortal and cannot afford your own Conference Bike, that doesn't mean you can't drool at somebody else's.

With that said, keep an eye out here at WorthWorkingFor.com, featuring workspaces that making working worth the work (I would trademark that, but I'm saving up for a conference bike).

The Management

P.S. If you have your own sweet setup or know about one, feel free to give me a shout at elliot (at) elliotswan.com.

Wednesday (07/14/10)

The Snow Office (0)

Who could not be inspired with a view like that?

(via @cameronmoll)

the snow office, originally uploaded by shawnwall.

Tuesday (03/2/10)

Startup Workspace (0)

This great workspace from Eston Bond is clean and functional. Make sure to check out the details for the scoop behind all the gadgetry.

Tuesday (02/16/10)

Concentrated Workspace (0)

It’s amazing how much you can fit into small spaces like this with the help of some good organizing:


P1020836, originally uploaded by ハク.

Wednesday (01/13/10)

Modernly Clean (0)

A great setup with some great shots. Would love to see how it all looks in full color, but this will just have to do.

, originally uploaded by tetteri.

Friday (01/8/10)

Playspace (0)

Quite a workspace—excuse me, playspace—built over two IKEA Jerker desks. Quite a lot of cool equipment used here, so make sure to check it out for all the details.

Playspace, originally uploaded by bluehash.

Monday (12/14/09)

The New Crazy-Awesomeness (1)

The Repeat offender is back at it with a new setup including 54 monitors. Here’s just a few of them.


Work workspace, originally uploaded by steve_price82.

Monday (11/30/09)

His and Hers Desk (0)

A fun dual setup.

Home Office – 07, originally uploaded by Andrew Egenes.

Tuesday (11/10/09)

Home Office (0)

I love love love this office and definitely recommend viewing it large. The desk is held up by triangular supports with built-in shelves, and the desktop uses raised glass to allow room for important things such as MacBook Pros.

Home Office, originally uploaded by tm-photo.

Tuesday (11/3/09)

The Ultimate CS Dorm Room (0)

Here we have what is probably the ultimate dorm room setup for a Computer Science student, located under a raised bed. Powered mostly be a Mac Pro, it also features a 4 displays, a MacBook Pro, a Linux server, surround sound, and a whole lot of other goodness.

Setup – Oct 6 2009, originally uploaded by Peter Hajas.

Wednesday (10/28/09)

monoSpace (0)

An awesome, simple yet creative office located in Minneapolis.


monoSpace, originally uploaded by mono minneapolis.

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